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        Hey, I'm Qiane.
        Let's bring your story to life.

        I am many things, a writer and photographer are two of them. I work with phenomenal brands and wonderful organisations creating content and image libraries for their brand story. With leading publications writing and shooting features and, with families and couples to capture beautiful memories. I love to meet, write about and photograph people and the things they live for, bringing stories to life with an honest, documentary style to my craft.

        //Good Vibes

        Leonie Hayden
        Helen Twose
        Natasha Keating
        Editor //Mana Magazine //The Spinoff Ātea

        Qiane cares. She cares about people, she cares about her work. Her ability to give a damn is inspiring and infectious. With a ‘we can do anything’ attitude, she is one of life’s problem solvers; always willing to do whatever it takes to get a project done on time and well. She is reassuringly calm and is a fantastic collaborator.


        When I needed a professional face for my freelance journalism and communications business I turned to Qiane. A wordsmith by trade, I’m more comfortable on the other side of the camera, but Qiane made it a fun and relaxing shoot. The result was a set of sharp, contemporary photos I use across my website, social media channels and to accompany published articles. She has perfectly captured my business brand and identity.

        Artist //Te Kōpū

        Qiane was a pleasure to work with. She has an eye for seeing beyond what is in front of her and uses the camera to capture this. Her images of our work are beautiful and considered. She 'got us', understood us as wahine and, our artwork.