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        Heeey, nice to see ya! It’s been a while. If you’re new here, high five!

        This month, Qiane Media + Photography turns 6 years old. To celebrate, I’ve given myself a bit of an online face lift with some fresh new digs for 2018. There’s lots to explore (click ‘portfolio’ in the menu bar at the top for direct links to each of the sections).

        The last blog post I wrote was 2 years ago (holy heka!). My nana Dawn, a huge influencer in my life and career, had passed away suddenly. I penned a special tribute to her, and then, unintentionally, took a bit of a breather from the blog. While I didn’t blog much, I still kept shooting (and writing), sharing most of my stuff over on Facebook and Instagram (in fact, its where I share most new things, so make sure you’re following to keep up with what’s new).

        As well as a sparkly new online space, 2018 has brought with it a refreshing change. The most exciting,  after years and years and…you get my drift…I became a māma! Woo hoo! The journey to motherhood was long and windy. If you’re interested you can read about our emotional journey here, alongside some other amazing and brave couples sharing their (in)fertility stories. You’ll read that after many different treatments, my husband and I were about to embark on IVF. The magazine story stops there. So to follow on and finish it for you, before we could schedule an appointment with the clinic, we got the biggest shock of our lives.

        During a pit stop at a beachside camp ground in Byron Bay, as part of our road trip up the east coast of Australia, my suspected ‘change of pace flu’ was, instead, 2 lines on a pregnancy test and the surprise we were about to become a family of three!

        **cue the tears, bewilderment and excitement, followed by the realisation there were to be no more beachside cocktails for the rest of the trip.
        (oh, and a note to others, morning sickness and long distance roadies do not play well together)

        Our daughter, Haeata te Kapua (now almost 6 months old), arrived on a super moon. With her came new energy, creativity and focus for the transition of a new season in life and, in business.

        It wasn’t so much ‘out with the old, in with the new’, but instead a chance to review, reinvigorate and, reveal all I have to offer in my special pool of talents. Harnessing the power of quality photography, carefully crafted words and the real, genuine, human connection that bridges people, products, movements and messages.

        If you have been here before, you might be thinking, “Woah! where have all the weddings gone?”. Well, its really hard for me to write it, because then it makes it real, but, I have said goodbye to weddings after five years of being part of these wonderful celebrations. I’ve decided I want to spend my summers taking my baby to the beach, getting lost in the bush and, exploring on a whim.

        Lifestyle portraits are still a huge part of what I do. So for couples, families and maternity clients, I now have more availability to document your relationships in an intimate, real and fun way. Savouring the memories and milestones while celebrating the pure joy of being together.

        And, I am helping businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs stand out from the saturated online market and connect better with their clients. Showcasing their work and telling the stories behind their brands with copywriting and photography. From product shots and profile photos, to behind the scenes content and unique stock image libraries.

        My editorial work for magazines is finally online and, I share some of my photography exhibitions that have been shown across Aotearoa, and as far afield as Angkor, Cambodia.

        I’d love to know what you think of my new website, so leave me a comment below.

        I am super keen to work with some phenomenal people this year, so if that is you, get in touch and let me know how I can help you bring your story to life!

        xx Qiane


        You know I will say this kanohi ki te kanohi as well: loving the new direction and loving your wonderful skills and talents x

        Love love love what your doing with your fresh look and new direction qiane! Very inspiring indeed!
        I love your down to earth approuch which really shows who u are, thru your mahi! Your bound to draw out guts, goodness and grace from whom ever you work alongside!

        Not sure if you remember our wee chat on insta, but I read your article u sent to me and have also passed it onto a friend of mine, who is about to embark on the same journey. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing what you do this year xxx cara

        Thank you Cara xx I wish you and your friend all the very best in your journeys. Please keep me updated,I am happy to support where I can xx

        Thank you Lynda. You are so lovely <3

        You are one beautiful person Qiane I’m so fortunate to be looking after you and your family. You bring inspiration to me. Warm kindness back to you. Lynda

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