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        qiane matata-sipu, qiane media + photography, arrowtown, new zealand, south island, portrait, photographer, writer, artist, maori
        My Bio

        I’m also a wife, a māma, an artist and, a passionate social activist. My life experiences have given me a special set of diverse skills, making me perfect for almost any project you are working on. 

        For me, I’m all about the people. People are wonderful, intriguing, crazy and unique and, have the coolest stories. People can change the world, and that excites me. 

        Naturally inquisitive, and a sucker for good conversation over great food, I love to meet, write about and, photograph people and the things they live for.

        We should hang out and work together. Ya’ know, us people. 

        Let’s korero (chat)

        xx Qiane

        Are you my kinda people?
        What do other people think of you?
        Are you qualified?
        How do we get in touch with you?
        I recycle. I think climate change is real. I loooove gelato. Its my fav. When I go to the movies I dunk my ice cream in my popcorn. I come from a small, close-knit, fruit-salad family that is full on crazy. I am a bit of a dreamer. The ocean is my happy place and when I am in the sea I am most free. Music, art, nature, people and culture inspire me. I've been to banquets and bbq's, hung with politicians and poets, photographed families and fashion houses, met Kings and some of the coolest kids. I'm randomness and awesomeness all rolled into one and I believe life is an adventure best served with a cup of good juju and a sprinkling of unicorn dust. xx